1. https://vimeo.com/81745745

    My most recent video project. Amilia approached me about a month ago asking if I’d like to help her with one of her projects in her Public Art class. The assignment was to create some sort of public intervention. Amilia chose to do moss graffiti. We spent two, one hour sessions filming the process. For both days the lighting was superb: bright, grey, overcast skies. Also, the courtyard in Fort Andross provided an excellent spot for both the moss graffiti and filming. 

    Look for more artist profile projects to come!

  2. The first set of proofs for the copper plate etchings that will help tell the “Humans and Robots” story. I did a very imprecise job in printing these plates, mainly because I was simply curious as to the quality of the etch and how they would look on paper. I was pleased with the detail and quality I got in the etchings and decided to aquatint portions of plates 2-8. Aquatinting is a process where you spray on a soft ground with an airbrush to achieve a uniform, or subtle gray tone. I applied the aquatint sparingly, just enough so that the portraits stood out from the blank backgrounds (I masked all the portraits so that they will remain white and black). After a brief mishap where two of my plates slipped into the depths of the soda ash vat, I’m set up to start printing final editions. Now that all the pieces are set in place, I’m very excited to start the process of assembling an artist book.

  3. One of our projects this year for my printmaking class was to take a “movie still” of ourselves and turn it into a linoleum relief print. In preparation for this assignment, we read several wordless stories all told in the medium of linoleum prints. So for the assignment I photographed myself as Sherlock Holmes in anticipation for the third season of BBC’s SHERLOCK show. 

  4. This short film by the McKinnon Brothers, part of Five Knights Productions (http://www.fiveknightsproductions.com/), created this video, which has been the best short film that I’ve watched this semester. Every component of the video works well in creating a mood of bleakness: the locations, music, editing, costumes, and choreography. This is a single fable in a series of fables that the McKinnon brothers are creating (http://www.kinfables.com/).

  5. The plan is to have the whole “Humans and Robots” project finished and on the web December 21st. This is a project that combines two final projects: a research based paper and film, created in conjunction with a handmade artist book.

  6. An incredible time lapse video of Wyoming by Nicolaus Wegner. Wide open oblivion. 


  8. "FOLLOWED" was mine and James’ first collaborative project. It was incredible that James was able to create a whole different character than himself in such a subtle role. We put the entire video together in a weekend. Due to this short amount of time, the editing is a little rough. Cody Stack and I are likely to revisit the video and clean it up.

  9. A couple stills from the collaborative project that I’m working on for my modern/post-modern Russian literature class and my printmaking class. James Jelin, who is the sole actor and the one in the photographs, did an incredible job while filming. We were able to shoot the entire movie in one day. With one glance at his lines, James was able to knock out an entire dialogue (with himself) in a little over an hour. Well done.